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Send us feedback. Middle English, from Latin genitive Librae , literally, scales, pound. See more words from the same century.

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Astrology like this often signals something in our lives that feels like a roadblock, a no-go, no way, no how. Saturn asks us to commit to the work before the reward. Saturn asks us to know our fears more intimately so that we can figure out how to fool them. Saturn asks us to master the art of working with what is available. Creative ingenuity will always win over gluttony and greed when we are talking about authentic maturity and living a meaningful life.

Saturn demands we take our tasks seriously and ourselves with a grain of salt. Heavy is the load that is weighed with ego. Better just to get to work on what we can.

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As the planets plow past the ringed one they also sextile Jupiter, experiencing a moment of levity. A breath of fresh air. An inhale. An expansion. The day of the New Moon comes bearing the imprint of such an opening. The ruler of it, Venus, has just completed a square to Saturn and now makes a sweet and fortuitous sextile to Jupiter. This New Moon is a moment that asks us to protect our optimism, make room for luck and love, and to leave the door ajar for even the slightest chance of an opportunity.

And that is exactly what your affirmation horoscopes are meant to help you with. Think of them as an entry point for this New Moon and the astrology that follows. Think of them as encouragement from your guides. After sextiling Jupiter, the planets traveling through Libra make a square to Pluto, offering us the opportunity to lay an unhelpful pattern down.

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From the sweetest sextile to Jupiter, to the rigorous work of excavating our demons with Pluto, Venus is presented with the awesome and the ugly within a matter of days. Here, Venus asks us to lay down the accessories that inhibit us from accessing our power. This transit uncovers intimacy issues, our value, and worth, and the power dynamics that must be challenged, deconstructed and transformed in our lives and in the world.

With the deity of depth presiding over these hearings, there is no telling the levels we are asked to go to. Excavations of all kinds are a major theme now.

Pulling things up from the root requires finesse. We have to learn when to tug and when to gently shake loose. Go easy with these onions. Mercury will remain in Scorpio for a long time this year. Stationing retrograde on October 31st, Samhain is set up to be a trip. In Scorpio until November 10th, Mercury will want to talk about secrets, power, deeply embedded psychological issues, death, rebirth, and every horror it can get a hold of.

Mostly making affirming aspects to other planets, however, this transit will be intense, but not as challenging as it could be. Here until November 20th, the Warrior is challenged to do its job in the sign of the peacekeeper. As it navigates conflict right now, Mars may uncharacteristically second-guess its actions, feel demoted, or try to stifle issues that need to be dealt with. Headed towards a square to Saturn and Pluto, the first part of Mars through Libra signals yet another moment of needing to apply incredible determination to what we have chosen to do.

The only challenging aspect that Mercury makes while in Scorpio is today. Startling news, unexpected conversations, and unpredictable but very inventive outcomes abound. Roll with the turbulence, it might just knock something else back into place — or into a better one. The bi-annual bummer aspect. Saturn is the hard-line that cannot be negotiated. And most likely there is much to do right now.

If you are reading this ahead of time, be forewarned and do not overbook your calendar. Here until November 2nd, Venus in Scorpio is a lesson in joy and pain.

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Venus in Scorpio is the raw and real deal and wants nothing else. Like Mercury, this is the only difficult aspect that Venus makes in Scorpio. Here, relationship issues get a rude awakening. Inconsistencies break the bonds long enough for the truth to emerge. Love is a risk. Love is sacrificing my pride.

Love is the biggest threat to my ego and the greatest gift I can give myself. Winning at love means wanting more for myself than merely getting what I want. Winning at love means wanting the kind of partners that I need and being rapidly disinterested in the ones that gaslight, disrespect, or devalue me. Winning at love means wanting to grow more than wanting to be right. Winning at love means trusting that the process of partnering with the right people will make me better for having committed to them.