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So we may state that as the zodiac is a circular ring in the skies, though in fact it is elliptic, going all round, some part of the ring, i.

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Now suppose that at a particular time the sign Leo is rising at the eastern horizon. Then Leo will constitute the first house Virgo the second house, Libra the third house, Scorpio the fourth house, Sagittarius the fifth house, Capricorn the sixth house Aquarius the seventh house, Pisces the eighth house, Aries the ninth house, Taurus the tenth house, Gemini the Eleventh house and Cancer the twelfth house.

Now suppose that the Sun is n Aquarius. So we say the Sun is in the seventh house or setting in the western horizon.

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If suppose Scorpio was rising at New Delhi. Then Scorpio will be the first house, Sagittarius the second house. Capricorn the third house and so on; and the Sun being in Aquarius he will be in the fourth house. A sign is called a Rashi in Sanskrit. The word Rashi literally means a heap, a cluster.

As a sign in the zodiac was identified by the characteristic heap or cluster of the stars constituting it, it came to be known as a Rashi. This is a general term for a sign, but in Hindu astrology the sign in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth is commonly referred to as Rashi. As we shall have occasion to see, the Moon sign the sign which was occupied the Moon at Birth is as important as the sign ascending at birth the ascendant.

Rather, for purposes of transits of planets and their effects the importance given to the Moon sign is even greater than the ascendant. The Moon sign is considered a co-ascendant and we shall in this work refer to it as the lunar ascendant or Moon sign.

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The rising sign is referred to as Lagna-rashi or simply as Lagnam. The names of the twelve signs have been given before. However some attributes or characteristics of each sign are given below. These characteristics apply to the sign whether they are at the eastern horizon or anywhere else. The zodiac is taken as representing the body of eternal time. The sanskrit work used by Hindu astrologers is Kala-Purusha and many learned and philosophical dissertations on time fine a place in Sanskrit texts. The various signs constituting his body are as follows:. There are billions of heavenly bodies while there would be millions of those heavenly bodies, which get classified as planets in the universe.

However, the Vedas system recognizes the following bodies as planets: Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu The respective descriptions which could be planet drawn parallel to human are:. This is the sign that rises in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a person. Your Lagna Determines the type of body, general health, longevity, as well as apparent traits of a person visible to the world.

Our Vedic system recognizes 27 Nakshatra or constellation. Sometimes 28, if we include Abhijit Nakshatra which is an integral part of Ultarashada. The Nakshatra system is unique to the Vedic system and gives it much higher level of accuracy. It is believed that the Nakshatra system was prevalent before the sign system was even recognized. Each planet, house, sensitive point in zodiac is influenced by the Nakshatra it occupies at a particular time.

We are describing the results of placement of Moon in each Nakshatra since this is the most important tool in Vedic astrology. The results of your Moon in the Nakshatra since this is the most important tool in vedic astrology.

The results of your Moon in the Nakshatra are as follows:. Your birth Nakshatra Janma Nakshatra determines your thinking patter, nature as well as basic destiny.

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It also determines the instincts as well as the subconscious aspects of the personality. This is one of the most peculiar and rich appeals of Vedic astrology. Yoga is a term for good fortune and unless specified otherwise, a yoga is a good yoga. Yoga is a particular placement or combination of planets, which collectively raise the fortunes of a person, which cannot be deciphered by individual study of placement of participating planet. The yoga could be due to a particular permutation, combination or even distance for each other, which could influence the same.

Standards like basic strengths, weaknesses, own sign, enemy, exaltation and debilitation would of course always be relevant. There are unlimited combinations. Below we reproduce a few which are easy to understand and also relatively common. It would be equivalent to a picture taken at a particular time capturing the state of heavenly bodies in the sky.

There are basically two aspects to a horoscope: 1. Construction of a Horoscope: This is the scientific or the mathematical aspect. Since the principles are documented, and follow the principles of ASTRONOMY, a horoscope cast correctly will be identical with that cast by any other person or computer provided there are no calculation errors. This part of Astrology is a well -developed science not disputable by any segment of the intellectual population. Interpreting a Horoscope: This aspect takes up your understanding, analytical, memory as well as intuitive skills in equal measure.

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